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NKN Mainnet Token Swap Update 2020

Introduction Since September 2019, we have enabled two-way token swap between NKN Mainnet and ERC-20 tokens. A few major milestones have …
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NKN Bi-weekly Report June 15 – June 30, 2020

Highlights - NKN 2.0 officially released - NKN hosts the Summer - Web3.0 Technology webinar - NKN successfully completes comprehensive 6-month security audit A brand-new version of nMobile...
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NKN 2.0: Network as a Service, Free and Secure Connection for the New Future

With today’s launch of NKN 2.0, we look beyond blockchain technology and set our gaze upon a much larger prize. Our steaming hot prize...
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NKN successfully complete security audit of mainnet

With the successful completion of this audit, the security of the project is significantly improved and every functional module can be operated in a...
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Web 3.0 Tech Talk: the power of offchain

This webinar will focus on commercial uses for blockchain based Web 3.0 applications that use offchain elements for performance and scale. W …
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Blockchain Applications You Need To Know About

Are you curious about blockchain technology? NKN is building the world’s largest blockchain network
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NKN Bi-weekly Report June 1 – June 15, 2020

Highlights Rule110: Open API for NKN Developers Mainnet Explorer Update Developer Bounty Program nLearning Video: Content Delivery NKN 2.0 An …
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“2020年如何保护智能居家” 迷你系列之下集 您还可在IoTeX 与NKN 的网络研讨会 “您的私人智能居家 “中观看此内容。 链接如下:https://youtu.be/ZGz7bUPj7-g 如今,我们可选择的智能家居产品 …
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“2020年如何保护您的智能居家” 迷你系列之上集 您还可在IoTeX 与NKN 的网络研讨会 “您的私人智能居家 “中观看此内容。 链接如下:https://youtu.be/ZGz7bUPj7-g 在各行各业飞速发展的今天,全球的&nb …
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Rule110: Open API for NKN Developers

Recently the developers of the community-known NKNx ecosystem ChrisT and lightmyfire and the creator of nStatus, Mutsi, decided to join force and form the...
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