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Candies Giveaway

Candies Giveaway Dear friends of NKN, We are offering Candies giveaway in this weekend and join our game to celebrate our list on Gate.io!...
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NKN joined Telecom Infra Project(TIP)

May 2018 Menlo Park, California Recently NKN joined Telecom Infra Project, a collaborative telecom community founded by Facebook, Deutsch …
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NKN launches NKN Club today, join us!

The NKN Club NKN now runs a very exciting program for blockchain enthusiasts and community moderators. The aim is to create a communication …
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NKN Monthly Report, May 2018

A comprehensive project report to NKN community (4/1/2018~4/30/2018) Monthly Report Cover NKN R&D Activities NKN team had a great mon …
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NKN engages with the telecom partners on a peer-to-peer bandwidth exchange at WiFi NOW EXPO 2018

Claus Hetting, Wi-Fi NOW CEO & Chairman published an article about how NKN rebuild the Internet with blockchain technology (https://wif …
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