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Is WhatsApp Safe? Here’s What You Need to Know | NKN

WhatsApp is the most popular communication app around the world. Here is what you need to know about this app, insight on its security...
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Encrypted Messaging: What Is It and Why You Should Use It | NKN

Encrypted Messaging can help protect our privacy and prevent important data from leaking out. Here is what you need to know about encrypted messages,...
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NKN Joins iQIYI in Advancing Technical Innovation for Video Content Delivery

NKN is thrilled to join iQIYI in advancing technical innovation for video content delivery.
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The History of YouTube – 2020 Edition

YouTube is the most popular platform for sharing videos. But how did it become such a big success? Find out here.
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NKN 双周报: 2020年3月16日至3月31日

亮点 主网新版本的持续更新迭代:v1.1.5-beta和v1.1.6-beta GSMA未来网络发表了NKN 与中国移动合作用于视频内容传输(CDN)的解决方案 NKN SDK:客户端之间通信如何摆脱对服务器的依赖 Insights在线区块链峰会-NKN通信即服务 NKN官方博客启 …
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NKN Bi-weekly Report March 16 – March 31, 2020

Highlights Two New MainNet releases: v1.1.6-beta and v1.1.5-beta GSMA Case Study: NKN + China Mobile for Video Content Delivery NKN SDK: po …
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Upcoming Webinar: How to Protect Your Smart Home in 2020 (April’15, 9AM Pacific)

Do you own smart home devices? This webinar provides an inside look into how to protect your smart home in 2020. IoTeX and NKN...
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NKN Case Study featured on GSMA Future Networks!

This case study introduces a new model in providing carrier-grade content delivery services for Video Service Providers.  Using China Mobile …
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NKN SDK:客户端之间通信如何摆脱对服务器的依赖

开发人员可以使用NKN最新的SDK做什么呢? 这种去中心化通信协议栈可以实现真正的对等(点对点)消息传递,流媒体和文件传输。具体我们可以将其分为两类: 只有用NKN SDK才能实现的功能:a. 基于NKN SDK开发的应用,及时其没有设置服务器或任何第三方服务,它们之间都可 …
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NKN SDK: powering client side communication without servers

What can developers do with NKN’s latest SDK, a decentralized communication stack that enables true peer to peer messaging, streaming, and f …
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