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NKN AMA Q&A Highlights – August 2020

If you have missed the recent video AMA with NKN Core Team, here is the replay on YouTube. Between 2:30 - 19:30 minutes mark,...
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nMobile new release on Google Play Store

Today we released a new version of the nMobile app (v0.9.9) for Android. In addition, you can now download it directly from the official...
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NKN AMA Q&A Highlights — February 2020

In case you missed last week’s NKN Core Team AMA, please find Q&A highlights from our discussion below: Question #1: Do you have any...
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NKN: 2019 Year End Review

NKN Timeline 2019 2019 has been a coming of age year for NKN. Unfazed by the crypto winter of 2018, the NKN team and community...
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Q&A from December 2019 video AMA

Question #1 My question is already in an NKP too ( Providing https/wss endpoint for EVERY NKN node), but I’m curious to know the...
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Upcoming Video AMA

NKN core team will conduct another video AMA with community. Please send in your questions on this forum post:– December 12th, 2019, 17:00 …
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NKN Bi-weekly Report Nov 2- Nov 15, 2019

Highlights nCDN New Kind of Content Delivery product Launched Two-way NKN Mainnet token swap schedule announced Decentralized FTP ar …
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NKN Mainnet Token Swap Schedules

Since our NKN Mainnet launched on July 1st, 2019, we have continuously improved the security and scalability of our mainnet. In addition, w …
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Introducing nCDN: New Kind of CDN at ncdn.io

What is nCDN? nCDN, or New Kind of Content Delivery Network, combines the best elements of traditional data center focused CDNs and de …
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NKN Technical Seminar in Tsinghua University

October 23rd, 2019, Beijing China. NKN founder & CEO Yanbo Li, co-founder and CTO Yilun Zhang, gave two technical talks on “High-perfor …
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