NKN AMA Q&A Highlights – August 2020

If you have missed the recent video AMA with NKN Core Team, here is the replay on YouTube. Between 2:30 - 19:30 minutes mark,...
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NKN Foundation Special Community Award for Community Project

October 19th, 2019, the NKN Foundation announces a Special Community Award of 500,000 NKN to the community project in order to hon …
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NKN listed on Binance! Trading has started

Dear NKNer’s The day you have been waiting for has arrived. NKN has won the Binance Community Coin Vote. Thank you all for believing...
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NKN won Binance Community Coin Vote

Dear friends of NKN and Binance community, we are happy to announce that NKN has won the Binance Community Coin Vote with a convincing...
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NKN Token Swap Update: March 29, 2019

Dear NKN token holders, We have successfully completed the vast majority of the NKN token swap from NEP-5 to ERC-20. At the time of...
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Early redemption of NKN test tokens

Summary: in order to recognize and reward our early adopters and miners, we would like to offer a special early redemption of the NKN...
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Monthly Report (Jul - August 2018)

Headline NKN has deployed thousands of nodes globally to verify our testnet network scalability and will also open up community nodes for d …
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NKN社区的小伙伴: 大家好! 本周的积分奖励计划又和大家见面啦!测试网试验挖矿即将开始啦,为了提升小伙伴们的参与感,本周活动的主题是:为测试网试验挖矿视频翻译不同语种瓜分30万积分!视频链接可以在如下链接: …
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NKN Bonus Program III

Hello Community, Good news!!! Our testnet v0.3 will be published at the end of August and testnet experimental mining is coming soon as wel...
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相信大家都已经知道NKN这几天正在参加第八期币安社区投票上交易所的活动了。感谢币安提供这个机会,将NKN和其他优秀项目从众多的申请列表中筛选出来进入候选名单。 我们都知道币安上币活动有严格的要求:不能作任何形式现金或者包括且不限于token等利益的输送来拉票。都应该依赖社群的力 …
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